Technical (Seasonal) Classes
There are two divisions of classes:
Recreational (REC) and Technical (TECH).
REC classes run as a 6 week program, with 4 programs a year offered throughout a
school year.  This program is designed for the dancer who isn't sure of what they want
to take, cannot commit to a full year, and is more cost effective for some, and for  a
dancer who doesn't want to be a part of a show.  A student who  wants a variety, and
is  less serious about the technical side of dance (just for fun).
TECH (seasonal) classes run for 9 months, mid September to end
of May, and are for the more serious student, with a large variety of
class choices for students ages 2 to adult.  These classes are
dedicated to technical study ,  studio dress code is required such as
proper dance attire and shoes,  and all TECH students take part in
our year end musical, and have the opportunity to be invited to our
competitive Dance team and/or DEAA Theatre Company. The only
class that does not take place for nine months is our Wee dance
(parent and baby) please read for details.

The following are  a description of our TECH classes

For the Little ones (baby to age 6)

NEW!!!  Wee Dance~ ages 1-3~ Baby and parent (parent will take
part in class with baby) half hour each week,runs September to
December, or January to April.  A fun introduction to song,
movement and theatre/expression.  A great way to spend quality
and educational time with your baby!

Triple Threat~ ages 3-5 ~an introduction to dance, theatre and
song, 30 minutes each week

Primary dance~ ages 4-6. 45 minutes each week, an intro to all
dance; ballet, jazz, acro, urban (hip hop) and pre-tap.

For the older ones (ages 7+)

NEW!!! Self Esteem and wellness program~
A wellness program to help children become confident, to
increase self esteem and wellness of body and mind.  
Includes topics and learning such as ; childrens yoga,
meditation, relaxation techniques, positive thinking and focus,
self defence/martial arts,  expression and release through
writing, visual arts and movement.  Fit for any child and very
helpful for those dealing with stress, peer pressure, anxiety
or depression.


Jazz/ acro~ technical dance mixed with gymnastics and body

Musical theatre~ vocal training and dance mixed to create
Broadway style performance

Ballet~ classical and modern study of ballet, attaining to eventual
pointe work for female students

Urban/Hip hop~  Street style Urban dance, this new syllabus is
exciting and challenging in a fun way.

Tap~ classical and modern style of tap, technical training along with
history of tap

Theatre~ the study of stage, mime, and theatre stage production
and performance

Visual arts ~ Using a variety of themes, the study of pencil work,
acrylic work on canvas, and finally the study of set work for our year
end production

Contemporary~ ages 13 plus~ includes lyrical, interpretive and
modern dance, as well as jazz and ballet technical dance study