Reviews of DEAA... Read what
parent's have to say about us and our

Michael Greig (father of a dance and theatre student)

As a father speaking, who lets face it does not have priority with dance
and Ballet in my day to day interest.....The studio of Dance Express has
defined my babygirl to the person that she is today. She has been with
DEAA, and Miss Tina most of her childhood and we could not be any more
proud and happy with her accomplishments, and the family that she has
developed with DEAA... As a parent, its really cool to hear your kid
excited to go somewhere with a sport or activity that you look into, and
Katie will not miss a class....Wait a go DEAA for all that you have given
our family over the years. Forgetting to mention the tears of joy at the
recital every year.... Happy and delighted Parent...See you next season!

Debbie Greig (parent of dance and theatre student)

Both of my children take classes at DEAA and have for over 5 years now.
My daughter takes a variety of dance and performance theatre classes
and my son takes Performance Theatre and has taken Visual Arts classes
there. They both LOVE the teachers there and have made many friends
over the years, DEAA is like a second family to them. We can't wait for
the fall 2015 season to start this year with all the new programs/classes
being added. :D

Lori Sokolow (parent of dance/theatre/song student)

My daughter loves Dance Express and would go everyday if she could. I
credit Tina for giving her the confidence, drive and determination to take
on any challenge and never give up and that has spilled over into all
areas of her life. She has taken dance, theatre and musical theatre
classes over the years and is a member of the Dance Express
competitive dance team and she has loved all of it. The teachers are
supportive and encouraging and the school is professional and inspiring.
My daughter is always sad when dance season ends!

Marie; Mother of D.E.A.A. student

As the mother of a child on the spectrum I am always on the lookout for
extracurricular activities to stimulate my child's development.  Thank
goodness we discovered DEAA a few years ago!  Our child experienced
two fantastic years of visual arts classes followed by 2 years of wonderful
theatre classes.  The teachers at DEAA went above and beyond to
accommodate our child's different learning style and were patient,
thoughtful and respectful at all times.  We were thrilled that our child
could learn about art and create wonderful artwork - all of which we
proudly display in our home.  The theatre classes resulted in
performances that entertained us and our family.  As a result of the art
and theatre classes and supportive teachers at DEAA our child's self
confidence and ability to speak up when needed greatly improved.

Ann; Mother of D.E.A.A. student

Why walk somewhere when you can dance or cartwheel there!  This is
our daughter's take on life.  We looked at the local dance studios four
years ago to find a place that would expose her to many styles of dancing
and support her in a positive, small group, hands on environment.  A
place where everyone knows your name.  We also wanted a place she
could grow with and try out other forms of art, attend camps and
workshops and most of all have fun!  Our search led us to Miss Tina and
the great staff at DEAA.  They always have the time to explain things,
make recommendations and support the children and their families with
their dancing and other artistic ventures.  Our daughter continues to
dance, having recently joined DEAA's competitive team.  She always
sports a big smile on the days she gets to go to DEAA.