REC program classes
There are two divisions of classes:
Recreational (REC) and Technical (TECH).

REC classes run as a 6 week program, with 4 programs a year
offered throughout a school year.  This program is designed for the
dancer who isn't sure of what they want to take, cannot commit to a full
year, and is more cost effective for some, and for  a dancer who
doesn't want to be a part of a show.  A student who  wants a variety,
and is  less serious about the technical side of dance (just for fun).

TECH classes run for 9 months, and are for the more serious student, with a large
variety of class choices for students ages 2 to adult.  These classes are dedicated to
technical study ,  studio dress code is required and all TECH students take part in our
year end musical, and have the opportunity to be invited to our competitive Dance team
and/or DEAA Theatre Company.
The following is a description of our REC classes.

This new six week program will include a mix of dance styles and is for
the novice or experienced dancer, ages
6 to 13. Each session will be
different, and vary upon the skill levels, interest and ages of the
students in the class. With no studio dress code required and no
costume fee, cost is kept to a minimum.

Please note: REC students can use the first REC session in
September as a trial, with the option to join the remainder of the
seasonal TECH class with the cost being pro-rated (cost of the Rec
class will be deducted from the cost of the tech class), however this
option is only available up until November. Please also note that
competitive students must remain a part of the tech classes in order to
remain a part of the comp team.

To register: You can register for our REC program during our regular
TECH registration dates and times in August & September. All
registration processes are the same for each program.

Pricing: Please email us for pricing details  

Session dates to choose from:

Mid-Sept. to end of Oct.

Nov. to Mid-Dec.

Mid-Jan. to end of Feb.

Mid-Mar. to end of April