Dance Competition team
What is competitive dance?

Our award winning DEAA Competitive Dance Team
is a group of our talented seasonal students.  Each
year the director of the school selects students who
demonstrate strong technical abilities  and team
skills.  These students and their parents are invited
to an information meeting.  Parents and students can
then become a part of that following years' team.  
Students that are not yet part of the DEAA school
can also audition for a place on the team.  

Why join a dance team?

The main goal of joining a competitive team should
be both for fun and experience... Kids can learn a
new confidence, sense of pride and team spirit.
Competitive performance involves dancing in front of
judges, who then give the dancers a score, kids can
be awarded things such as ribbons, trophies, even
scholarships and money.   But most importantly,  
students should  be provided with a  positive and fun

How does it work?

The director of the  school, will choose certain
venues for students to compete at, we  attend  2-3
venues within the G.T.A. between the months of
February and June. (Otherwise known as ‘comp.
Season’.) The competitive team  also acts as a
Dance Company and will perform at local events and
locations, for performance purposes only.
All DEAA comp. Students must take a specific TECH
class throughout a season, as well as their COMP
class~ COMP classes are specifically for that
competitive dance number and are private/semi
private classes.

If you are interested in having your child be a part of
our DEAA Comp Team please email us and ask us
for more details.