DEAA is a dance and theatre school and wellness
center for children. We now offer a Wellness program
for Adults.
Whether you are dealing with stress, anxiety,
depression, issues with relationships, health, career
or money, this course is for you.
Through the art of mindfulness and meditation this
course can teach you; confidence, self esteem,
motivation, mind focus, creativity and a new outlook
on life.
Learn life long tools that will help you conquer all the
negatives in your body, mind and life.
This is time just for you…
Join us in learning how to live a healthy, happy,
successful life.
Join us Friday evenings from 7-9 PM taking place this
summer beginning June 10th.  $10 per class if you
drop in, or $60.00 for 7 classes.  
Contact us for more info or to register.